How To DEEP Clean your Cars Carpets The RIGHT Way


The new car smell is long gone but the stains from spilling soda in your car are still there. Along with mashed in french fries, dirt, mud and whatever else you track into your cars floor. It’s time to bring back that new car look into the carpet, and we’ll show you how

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  1. Think of carpets like a big door mat You can make the top of it look clean because most of the sand and dirt sinks into the bottom of it That's why you pick it up and shake it out Car carpet is no diffrent You ever see Bald spots on the drivers carpet It's cause Grit trapped in the bottom of the carpet in time cuts the strans So you end up with Carpet laying flat and dirty ..Now without a shop or a detailer you can Fix this from happening one or two ways …The way i do it once a year : remove the seats remove the plastic bottom door trim undo the seat belt bolt Take out the carpet and power wash it at the coin op with soap Then wet vac or leave in the sun to fully dry before reinstall Or Use a steamcleaner with HOT steam and scrub and wipe and brush . Then put on the heater full blast on the floor setting open the window 1" to let the moist air out of the car …worse thing to do is leave the carpet moist (mold) Most carpets have a foamish under pad that soaks up water under the carpet and stinks if wet and you get mold Because the Underpad doesnt let the water evaporate Causing Mosture and mold and worse yet …rust

  2. That was really awesome !!!
    I never realized that it could be easy enough that I could do it !!!
    I even saw another video where I didn't have to get it so wet and just 'blot" up the water since I dont have a wet/dry. (Good thing I have mats) I can leave my mats out longer .. maybe use a rolling pin to squeeze water out of them ~

  3. dude, that was nothing. extremely light soiling in this example. However, technique would be appropriate for heavier stain and soiling just more scrubbing I guess. What degreaser did you use?

  4. is there any regular household items you can use instead of what you sprayed? I'm trying to spend my free time cleaning up the used truck I just got without spending a lot on cleaning supplies


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