Cleaning viscose rugs


Captain Rug Wash from Plymouth Rug Cleaning from Devon shows you 2 viscose rugs that came into his rug cleaning studio in July 2012.

Captain Rug Wash cleans all rugs he gets into his rug cleaning studio with the safest cleaning solutions and the best rug cleaning equipment, this includes his RugBadger.

All rugs go through a full, in-depth inspection before any cleaning is done. The rug is then test for any dye bleeding, then thoroughly washed and dried using airmovers.

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  1. I agree with you Ruglover Mary. Viscose/Rayon has a beautiful hand. I have cleaned these in the early days of my carpet cleaning career and the fibre collapses under too much moisture. They look like you have over-applied the surfactant and it is a mammoth task trying to rejuvenate them afterwards. I'd recommend a pile lifter vacuum several times top and bottom to try and manually restore the pile once it is dry.

  2. Luv-A-rug gets rugs that were bought as Silk rugs, but they end up being Viscose. Some have a label that will either say Viscose or Man Made Silk. I hate when I have to break it to them that their rugs are not what they thought.
    Viscose rugs are sensitive to heavy traffic, spot cleaners, pet accidents, and improper cleaning. I agree with TheMrSpotless that Viscose should not be a area rug fiber.

  3. Viscose should be banned! I visited a reputable store the other day and to my horror,there were around 50 rugs, all 100% viscose being sold as 'quality' rugs, all being sold for more than £300. There were other – proper hand made persian rugs being sold but, I am not looking forward to a year or 2 when these viscose things need cleaning. The poor people who bought them are going to be so disappointed!


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