Oriental Carpets and rugs are part of our home décor. No house is complete in its beauty without carpets or rugs.
Thus, Carpet Cleaning is an important part of the routine because dirt and bacteria hides in the deepest fibers of the carpet. You cannot change your carpets repeatedly, as it is expensive but you can take care of it by cleaning it. Visit
For this purpose, professional help is required for cleaning the rugs/carpets. We are offering best Carpet Cleaning Services in Hong Kong to clean all sort of stains from your carpets. Whether it’s the odor of your pet or the carpet is wet, its water damage or any stain, our team is highly qualified with wide experience to remove all issues and make it just like new.
Sometimes a question comes in our mind that “Why do we need professional Carpet cleaners, when we can wash carpets at home?”
The answer is simple and few appealing facts are mentioned below which motivate you to take services from professional home rug cleaner / professional home carpet cleaner Hong Kong like us.
 If you really need your handmade wool or silk carpet to be clean professionally then you must need to go to professional carpet cleaning company to avoid any damage of carpet and to get it completely cleaned and washed to make absolute new look.
 You don’t have proper equipment available at your houses for washing, hence it is recommended to get your cleaning done by our team.
 Carpets come in different varieties and materials. Often some materials are so delicate that they get destroyed when washed. It is very dangerous to use ordinary cleaning agent, as it may damage it.
 Some stains are so harsh that they may get even worse while rubbing.
However, Hong Kong rug cleaning and Hong Kong Carpet Washing is an important task because it totally changes the look of your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet removes dirt, debris, etc. but to make it look just like new, washing is necessary and the only solution.
Unwanted smell from the carpet can be only removed by cleaning. You will not like bad smell in your piece of carpet / rug.
Our highly qualified and experienced staff deals with this entire problem, because they are trained to do the task with full efficiency. Whatever the issue; dust, stains, smell, hair, etc. your carpet just need a wash by us.
We are also offering all types of services for Rug cleaning Hong Kong / Carpet cleaning Hong Kong. Our team is serving the customers of carpet Hong Kong with full satisfaction and affordable rates.

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  3. Carpet Care

    Antique and rare carpets are works of art! Many of them are tens and hundreds of years. They are very valuable and expensive and each year they’re becoming more and more valuable. For antique carpets not to lose their value, they should be treated well and controlled by a specialist. Such a carpet should be shown an expert at least once a year. The owner will get important advice and recommendations about how to take care of it. The carpet might as well need to be fixed or nap abrasion might need to be prevented.
    It is better to bring a carpet to the dry cleaner’s which specializes in cleaning handmade carpets and has all the necessary equipment and special cleansers for nap. Improper cleaning may cause the need of restoration.
    If you want your carpet to be expertized by a professional, You may contact us or visit our official website for further discussions.


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