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Bear Skin Rugs

Black Bear Rugs
Our commercially tanned and professionally mounted full head black bear skin rugs are all from #1 quality Northern Canadian spring bears. We devote great time and care to the eyes, nose, mouth, and claws to make our bear skin rugs look alive. All ship with official CITES wildlife permits making them legal to buy and ship worldwide.

Although most black bears have black color fur, rarely some grow fur with a cinnamon brown color or even a very rare blond or white color. We are proud to be able to source bear skins of these colors and frequently offer them for sale on our website.

A bear rug looks spectacular in front of a fireplace, mounted on a wall or displayed as an area rug to truly decorate and give character to any room in your home. Made to last a lifetime, our bear rugs make a great conversation piece and a wonderful gift idea.

Grizzly Bear Rugs
The fur of a grizzly bear rug is commonly medium to dark brown but in rare cases can have a silver tip or blond color. The long guard hairs often have a lighter tip, giving the bears their ‘grizzled’ appearance. Grizzly bear rugs have very soft and long thick hair. The head is very large and round with a concave facial profile and the claws are extremely long and thick. Our Grizzly bear rugs are from bears hunted in the Canadian Rockies. Grizzly Bears are protected from hunting in the United States and can only be acquired from Canada.

The grizzly bear grows to be much larger than the black bear. The claws of a grizzly are extremely long and can reach 3+ inches. Grizzly bears are one of the most ferocious, yet beautiful creatures on our planet, these rugs are as real as it gets and will look great in any setting!

Polar Bear Rugs
Now you can capture the splendor of The Ultimate Trophy with these magnificent rare polar bear rugs.

These 100% real polar bear rugs are extremely rare and can only be bought in a select few places. We devote great time and care to making sure these polar bear rugs look as real as possible and will stay that way for years. These rugs look great in any setting and their beautiful fur and very detailed head make them a must for any cottage or home.

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  1. I am NOT an experienced hunter in fact I've never went hunting at all but I am looking for someone that can that can get me a black bear hide everything attached except the meat. I wish I had the money and the experience to go hunting but I hope that I could possibly pay someone for their services

  2. what kind of felt do you use for the backing-

    is it 100 %wool—— a radon mix—– micro fiber

    it has to be un transparent to alow the light throw — and not strechable-

    so what kind of felt do you use for the backing


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