Area rug cleaning equipment EZ-Tower for drying rugs


The RugBadger EZ-Tower is one the easiest pieces of area rug cleaning equipment to use. This Area Rug dry tower It was designed so that just one person can:

*Assemble it in minutes
*Fit it into any type of workspace – like a 2-car garage
*Easily lift 400+ lb soaking wet rugs 6 feet high

Patent applied for design. Property of Luv-a-rug services inc, Victoria BC Canada

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  1. With the mobility kit you can push the whole EZ tower up to your wash floor, lower a pole to the lowest point and drag the very heavy wet rug half way over the pole and up you go, 18" at a time to 6'. Once you have washed your full load you can then roll the full days load outside and take advantage of the free solar rug drying system!

  2. One of the surprising things about the EZ towers is how fast they are to load and unload versus even our engineered powered dry tower systems. We now make 3 different models and even have a mobility kit that includes 8 engineered wheel trucks that make the unit even more stable and safe then without the wheels.


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